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Rubber roofing that won’t let you down
Lasting 3 times that of traditional felt roofing

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RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM Single Ply Flat Roofing

For a durable flat roof that withstands the elements year-on-year, you can do no better than a RubberBond FleeceBack EPDM rubber roofing system.


The single ply membrane of RubberBond EPDM can be applied to any size or shape of flat roof and is suitable for overlaying on existing surfaces, new roofing projects, roof renovation and for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.


With its smooth synthetic superior finish, Rubberbond Fleeceback EPDM is perfect complementing both new & old properties. Some past examples of large organisations that have used the Rubberbond Fleeceback EPDM system for their roofs are: Staples, Microsoft & Honda.


RubberBond is also often used as a less expensive alternative to leadwork, often a target for thieves. Rubberbond EPDM is also perfect for lining out Finlock Gutters.


Read more below about the benefits of the RubberBond Fleeceback EPDM product.

Choose the RubberBond Fleeceback EPDM Flat Roofing System for:

Long life – roofs can last beyond 50 years

Eco friendly – recommended by government bodies

No shrinkage or stress – which could cause roof leaks

Flexible and adaptable to a variety of shapes

Low maintenance – avoid paying for upkeep

No cracking or crazing. “Breathes” preventing blisters

No moss or plant growth – repealing all moisture

Weather resistant – not degraded by UV or extreme weather

Approved Master Contractor for RubberBond EPDM

To ensure the quality of each RubberBond EPDM roof installation, Marcus Roofing is an approved master contractor. Holding this status for many years, our roofers undertake regular training to deliver a perfect installation every time.


Additionally the product itself holds a BBA certificate, recognised throughout the construction industry as a mark of quality and reassurance, unlike many other EPDM rubber roofing products.

We have had a very positive experience employing Marcus Roofing. All our works were carried out within the agreed timescales. Workers were efficient & organised & work was completed to an excellent standard.”

St Georges C of E Junior & Infant School, Newtown, Birmingham (July 2013)





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